The app Doc Ext Configs ( DEC for short ) allows to manage documents data in your applications IBM Lotus Notes® centrally with minimum coding in them. Describe in the configs of the app DEC the documents of your apps as well as how an one document is getting others and how is updating them. Moreover, the app grants extended opportunities to log all documents updates in your apps.

The app DEC contains the alone Lotus Script Library for pasting into your apps and admin-defined config documents. Additionally the app includes few design elements to deploy documents' update log and delayed documents update using a server.

Config documents

The config documents store all configuration data about the documents in your apps. There are three types of config documents: DocExt ( includes Doc, DocForDoc, DocUpDoc items ), DocToDoc and Project. Read more in the help...

DocExt is the main type of config documents in the DEC. A DocExt described an one type ( form ) documents in an app. It consists of three parts: Doc, DocForDoc, DocUpDoc. Read more in the help..

The Doc config items are part of the config DocExt and describe the documents' type ( form ) in itself. For a whole document the config items defines its checking for uniqueness, the allowing to be changed or deleted ( locking ), the logging of changes etc. For a document's field the config item checks it for the filling and valid value. Read more in the help..

The DocForDoc config items are part of a config DocExt and describe how one document gets others. The config items grants many capabillities for the easy getting and picking documents from views in your apps. Read more in the help..

The DocUpDoc config items are part of config DocExt that define how changes in one document will be reflected in others. Besides the instant documents update the config allows to set the delayed update through server in order to bypass the users' access level which is insufficiently for change the documents but the change need to be performed. Read more in the help..

A DocToDoc config defines the part of data which will be transfered from a source document to a target one. Through the config you can manage the rules when and what data will be transferred between the two documents. Moreover, you can add the post-calculation for a target document that will be performed just after the transferring. The config also supports the multiple transfer multi-to-one that means the values of source document is being placed to values list of target one. Read more in the help..

A Project config defines app or group of apps united by any sense ( for example - by year, by project's name or by both ) - the project-forming apps. Besides, a Project config must contain the links to all apps to which an addressing is possible from the project-forming apps - the project-related apps. Read more in the help..

Script library

The DocExtLib is alone Lotus Script library and it should be pasted into all apps which you plan to use the Doc Ext Configs ( DEC ) in. Read more in the help..

The class DocExt is the main public class of the library DocExtLib. An object of the class is indissolubly related to a document of an app. Just give the document when you are creating DocExt object. Read more in the help..

In the library DocExtLib are few public functions that can be called from your code to process the documents in apps. Usually a such function addresses to one or more config documents in the app DEC to perform the action of the function. Read more in the help..