For reporting in the application, settings documents for data sources, their attributes and relations, are required. To perform it is enough easily and takes just a little time. A user can use the settings to create his report structures and set up properties which are provided for a structure element. The creating of settings documents is prerogative of IBM Lotus Notes® specialists having some skills in typing expressions in Formula Language.

The settings below are performed by users in the application.

Defining a report structure:

Choosing data sources for report with setting up relations for them;
Setting up data filtering for report by choosing selection parameters in a data source and values for them;
Choosing attributes of a data source as column values of report table;
Setting up various computing, data grouping, sorting and coloring in report table.

Moreover users can set up other properties of a report: 

Reporting period for data;
Schedule of reporting;
Access levels for other users to a report;
Exporting report data;
Contextual reporting from a database.

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